Things you know about things

“pies were the original cans”

that’s a thing I know about pies, thank you @anon26275971

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Sorry what?

you know how we have cans now, yeah? back in the day, that would have been a pie

A pie of coke?

yeah, a pie of coke, a pie of beans, a pie of alphabetti spaghetti, that kind of thing


Here is a thing I know about a thing.
There is an old train station right near my house that is now part of a cycle track. It was the inspiration for the celebrated play The Ghost Train, written by Arnold Ridley in 1923. He used to wait there for a connection at night apparently, and rails would vibrate loudly from trains in the distance. Hence the inspiration for the play.
Later in life he was in Dad’s Army.

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…I should leave the house today.