Things you like about DiS

So. In light of the things you like and don’t like about yourself thread I thought I’d start this.

Having tried to educate myself on the ‘old’ dis it seems like it could be quite an aggressive environment, but I’ve learned that the new dis was somewhat created to redress the balance, encourage people to be more welcoming etc etc.

Well, being a really new user I think it’s working. I feel like this is a truly welcoming community, who are willing to accept others as they are and also make people feel good about themselves. I’ve laughed so much since joining the forum, and it’s made me feel like a teenager again.

So. What do you like about dis? Xx


All the hotties






Edit: Oops, that’s meant to be a secret

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Get ready for the louuunge


There’s every chance I’d have given up making music and trying to write if it wasn’t for this place so there’s definitely that

Also just somewhere to vent and type stuff and feel halfway sociable throughout the many lulls when I’m not hanging out with irl pals so much

And the occasional confidence boost of the selfie threads


All my wonderful threads


Yr threads should be compiled into an anthology.

Have covered this at length elsewhere previously but this place picked me up and massively, massively helped me through a really dark time at the start of last year and I can never express enough how important that was and how grateful I still am to the community as a whole and the people who specifically helped or encouraged me.

Also, the selfie threads have hugely boosted my self confidence, not that I love how I look or anything (don’t think i ever will) but they’ve been important in helping me see my good points.

The fucking raffle. That was an amazing thing to be a small part of, and the hardship fund in general is fantastic.

Puns and pictures of people’s dinner.

Arbitrarily rating stuff.

Hot chicks.


You don’t have to be mad to post here but it helps.


DiS helps me live, laugh, and love.


Oh yeah I almost forgot an almost constant supply of Hot Dudes in the selfie thread even though I would like to see a bit more diversity. However, so many genuinely Lovely looking people, and I capitalise because everyone looks really likeable as well as being very nice to look at.

I have a love hate relationship with this place and honestly have no idea if it’s good or bad for my mental health in general

  • Chat about pro cycling
  • Chat about non pro cycling
  • Chat about beer
  • Chat about food
  • Chat about music
  • Every single person I’ve met through various meats/weekends away
  • Listening to The Great Escape by Blur in a mammoth traffic jam on the M42 and singing along with @plasticniki
  • genuinely, a really supportive and understanding community. Absolutely an amazing bunch of GBOLs

I know what you mean. But I think I’ve made peace with my general obsession with ‘teh interwebz’. Last time this place went down I messaged the two (absolutely wonderful) people who introduced me to this place being like ‘Erm is dis down for you too?’

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The people- like family really.

Also, much as we rightly deconstruct the old DiS and call out the terrible toxic stuff, it too was sometimes a good place with loads of the same people who post on here.

New DiS feels like a good place just now- supportive and fun and full of polls. Could probably do with more puns though.


I think it’s been good but as my nature is to be solitary and withdraw from socialising where possible, I think that side of me has seized on this place as an excuse to not live in the real world

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I like when people on here have a happy Christmas.