Things you like about DiS

And occasionally an intersection of both :blush:


sorry to be a downer, it’s just threads like this make me feel bittersweet as I remember the people who have felt they had to leave here and for them it was not a good place.

Any excuse for me not to live in the real world tbh, and even though that sounds facetious it’s not meant to be.

I’ve always found it easier to interact with people via text, and I derive a large amount of joy from silly things like puns and stuff


my own personal experience though is that everyone has been nice to me, can’t think about that too much though or I feel ashamed of my own conduct

although remember that a lot of people that have left here did so because they were dickheads to other users.


Could call it a NewDiSt colony


Hey bam. As a new user I’m sorry if (*that hate that intimation that it’s someone else’s problem) I’ve created a space that feels bittersweet. I appreciate there must be so much I’ve missed out on and may have misfired with an idea such as this, it’s just its been a massively positive environment for me and I wanted to… Acknowledge that I suppose.

Not going to get an argument from me, doll.

whips off nightie


nah not at all, I wouldn’t hold you responsible and it’s nice to acknowledge the good things about this place I just hear the echos of the people who are gone :frowning:

All that said though I will think of some good things momentarily :slight_smile:

yeah she was a hero

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Your thread is good, don’t worry love xx

Get out!

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I thought she was just having a wee break for a bit?


I really hope so. I only saw their contributions for a short amount of time but DB struck me as one of the really good ones

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I like that it’s a genuinely funny, supportive environment and that there are a number of people, past and present, that have made it that way.

I also like the rhythms (not sure if that’s the right word) of posts on here. Like the other night when someone posted that 80s poster of the hot guy and his baby child, said it was a selfie, and then Epimer and I went for the same joke at the same time.

I like that there are occasionally newbies who turn up and we no longer assume they’re a CG / brusma alt account.


anyway here’s some things I like:

. All the people who are clued up on politics and help me make sense of these terrible times and having people to share frustration and comradery with really helps

. In general the respect and support around mental health on here is fantastic I think, can’t remember the last time anyone was made fun of or mocked for anything like that, must have been years and years now.

. Though I don’t listen to new music very often anymore I’ve been introduced to a lot of cool stuff through here over the years!

. all the compliments I have received as an insecure person have been really lovely


Ughhhh m9 im clearly a CG alt account have u not guessed by now

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Not sure of the level of sarcasm acceptance here but just for the record I’m a genuine person haha

Lots of photos of amazing cats.


Can always count on you lot to cheer me up, sometimes I don’t feel up to actively posting but I just enjoy reading everyone’s stupid puns and dad jokes. Plus I’ve met even more of you IRL and consider you my mates, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT ha