Things you like but are embarrassed to like because of their fanbase


Strongbow Dark Fruits.



Honestly, nothing anymore. Kpop fans can be pretty problematic but idc and openly love kpop, although when I started listening to it around 2010/11 I wasn’t so open (literally would delete kpop from my scrobbles lol)


Being embarrassed to like what you like (unless it’s illegal or something) should really not be an issue when you’re an adult though, that kind of insecurity is pretty childish imo. Like what you like regardless of other people :ok_woman:t5:


West Ham United Football Club.

Midweek Wherefore Art Thou Olivier Football Thread



videogames I guess


Tiki torches.


Arsenal Football Club


Football at times.

I think that’s it. I’m embarrassed to like a lot of other things, but that’s because of the artist themselves not the fans. Woody Allen, Morrissey, Louis CK etc.


yeah football and it’s fans are terrible


Nuts magazine


Alright I hate some football fans but I hate non-football fans more. Way more.


yeah it’s pretty unfair to dismiss a whole sport just because of loads of violent racist and boring people :wink:


same goes for wrestling, anyone who likes WWE specifically really ought to be embarrassed at what they are supporting.


Have to admit a lot of it comes from childhood prejudice because for the longest time I never met anyone who liked football who wasn’t outwardly really boring and inartistic. Then you had that guy with the world’s most boring voice reading out the results on TV that seemed to take forever and all the places sounded like hellholes from lord of the rings like “blackburn” etc. Then the pundits on TV and the managers seemed to have this kinda gnarled grizzled look and seemed really miserable like they were looking for a fight in a pub. Only time they ever seemed to express joy was in an angry righteous kind of way with arms flailing.

Just thinking about football makes me deeply depressed.


I remember at my schools there was a strict divide, people were either into music or football, thought that was the same everywhere, so always found it strange on these boards loads of people love football


it’s also funny and depressing how childhood experiences dictate all your strongest beliefs, it’s almost like it’s pointless learning anything past the age of about 10


I like music and football. Music more though


Yeah this. I’m embarrassed about some other fans or being lumped in with them at times - especially Football, look at the vitriol and judgemental stance Bam has, and he’s not alone, and I understand it - but ok not embarrassed to like it.


Liverpool FC