Things you like just a little bit but don't totally define who you are as a person

Snickers bars.

vidya games.


how could snickers bars define you?

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you know, mate. very rarely buy them, but I do kind of like a snickers. Like, I wouldn’t ask for a snickers easter egg, y’know.

When you turn into a diva when you’ve not had one

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Yeah, I’m partial to the odd bit of wrestling. Obviously have the whole ‘this is really cringeworthy’ thing in the back of my head the whole time, but it can be entertaining.

black metal

Fish and chips from the chippy

fish supper is my first takeaway option tbh. completely defines who I am.

literally everything that I like?


you mean, there aren’t a few little things that you kind of like on the sly but don’t make a big song and dance out of liking?

worst takeaway option for me. Just to let you know

I’m saying I don’t like anything enough to have it totally define me as a person


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I’m not ‘that guy who xxx’ with anything. I like loads of things. Football, Snowboarding, Burgers, Whiskey, Red Wine. None of them define me though

'ck off!!


wearing vests

I’ll have it once a month or so, but the nearest one to me is a bit shit so I’m never fully into it after