Things you liked but overdid and now arent arsed about


Capers for me


My litany of ex girlfriends


Going to gigs

Going to the theatre



Theatre is so shit


(also all of your Mums) (sorry)


walkers thai sweet chilli sensations


I think I would still enjoy it but I just can’t be fucked


yeah this is an excellent shout

remember when sensations where like all posh and that? now i literally would never even consider buying them


paying more than 10 pounds to watch live music
football manager (sorry @Antpocalypsenow)
smoking herb


Remember when they did a lamb and mint version? They were my go-to crisp when I worked in a shop that stocked them alongside a Fry’s chocolate cream. Fucked if you can find either of them these days.


Sandwich meal deals



feels more and more like the answer is ‘drinking’



Used to think they were the pinnacle of sweets but they’ve been usurped by a number of better alternatives now and I’m not arsed any more.



Bloody loved Salami but now the taste makes me wretch #snowflake


^also this


yeah why cant i be bothered any more?


it’s to the extent that the other night i went out ‘with the lads’ (old man club) and had a burger, a couple hours of decent convos and… two cokes. just didn’t even want to consider booze.

If i’m having a meal and there’s good wine, sure. Nothing else seems to really matter much anymore.


it’s expensive (i’d rather spend money on nice food / bikes / the house)
hangovers are bad and i have things to do all the time now
psychological effects are worse now than physical effects i find


Novels, read enough of them