Things you made/attempted to make (and details thereof) in school

I’m talking Design Technology, Food Technology, IT, anything the works go wild.

Inspired by Ant’s ingenious 4 sided box.

I once gave in a “boat”, which was three separate bits of wood I thought could pass for such and item. In reality it was just three blocks glued together.


Heroic failure, obviously

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-out with hot chicks.

Not entirely successful

an automated hamster feeding device.

way ahead of it’s time because these things are quite common now (for cats at least).

it was a bit shit though in that when triggered and the disc rotated then ALL the food fell out and not just a portion.

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I’ve got a number of questions about this

Perhaps I could forward you the extensive design document?

EDIT : I couldn’t of course.

I would genuinely be absolutely delighted to receive a thing like that

Made some Lord of the Rings fridge magnets using the kiln thing we had. They were shaped like the shields of Gondor, Rohan and the High Elves. Still really proud of those.

Also made a wooden jewelry box that you opened by winding a cog at the back.

I was well good at DT.

I dropped every single thing I made in Food Tech. Like everything. Couldn’t salvage one thing in like 2 years.

I did a GCSE called “Technology”

For my big project I attempted to make a device which would be added to the indicator circuit of a car.

It would sense when the indicator had been left on for a pre-determined amount of time and switch off the indicator automatically.

It didn’t work - and neither the kid in the class who was good at electronics or the teacher were able to help me work out why

Think I got a B still thanks to my write up and exam performance

Doubt LOTR characters even had fridges tbh mate

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Desk tidy - three four-sided wooden tube things coming out of an mdf base in the shape of the Adidas logo. Was amazing.

Also made a couple of side tables (one four-legged table with a top with like a picture frame outer and the centre being a square bit of mdf, the other being one legged with a circular top - the leg was quite elaborate, done on a lathe, with four feet coming out of it).

Other things included a trowel, keyring, fish slice and clock.


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Love that GCSE standards for such a thing seem to predominately rely on something just existing

Those would have been much more impressive than some shitty fridge magnets.

Made a beef cobbler in food technology without knowing what gravy granules looked like. I picked up a tub that said OXO on it and took it to my lesson then measured out the right amount and it looked pretty good. We had it for dinner and they choked it down. Turned out my parents stored mixed herbs in the OXO tub so I almost think it serves them right.

I half remember a pretty racist painting I did in art when I was about 11 of a mans face that was black on one side and white on the other, and the background of each half of the painting was respectively like loads of flowing lava and dark mountains in one side and pretty green fields soaked in sunshine in the other. Only reason I remember it is the teachers face upon seeing it.

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