Things you massively changed your mind about

Yeah, it was ok. Bit shit that it was supposed to be based on something real. The Spanish police are fucking mugs.

I used to do ouija boards with my atheist non-believer parents. Seems a bit odd looking back but we used to enjoy it.


Beards? Was never really a fan until my late twenties.

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  • Used to hate coffee but changed my mind after a week in Portugal off the booze.

  • Used to struggle with subtitled films and series but now barely watch any English-language stuff.

  • Hated The Wire but then loved it.

  • Slowly making the move from cask ale to keg craft beer.

Basically, i hate getting into things when nobheads are telling me it’s what i should be doing, so completely dismiss stuff for months or even years.


This but trousers. I spent nearly ten years stubbornly refusing to wear them but I do now and omg do I love a good pair of trousers :jeans: :+1:

Bikes. Used to think they were probably quite useful now pure hatred.


Did you get to speak to any dead’uns?

Early Sixth Sense script needed refining


Yeah all the time. My dad always said it was our subconscious guiding it around but I guess he was probably doing it. Not sure how old I was. Maybe ten?

I didn’t wear jeans at all until I went to university, just cords and chinos, often paired with Hawaiian shirts. Boy was I cool (I was also not cool once I got the jeans, FYI).

cords paired with… shorts?

Shirts, my man. Shirts. Fuck, if it had been shorts at least I could have claimed to be fashion forward.

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wasnt sold on Seinfeld to start but now think it’s one of the greatest things ever

Used to think standing at gigs was better than sitting down at gigs and now I think that sitting down at gigs is better than standing up at gigs.


this tickled me

  • Curry
  • Stilton
  • Red wine

Never liked any of these as a youngster


  • Stuart Hall
  • Jimmy Saville
  • Gary Glitter


Also red wine.

The correct opinion tbh tbf :+1:


Being Vegan.

I used to arrange for DiSers to meat to eat meat ffs

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“Things you massively changed your mind about” - but now you’re an adult… :face_with_monocle:

Channing Tatum