Things you might have done for the last time without realising at the time

(Let’s keep it light)

Will you ever end up in a ball pool again? Was the last time you were in a nightclub the last time ever? Do you expect to use a pritt stick once more?

Eat oysters

I used to like them but they made me really sick a few years back

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Eat one of those Tesco sub rolls with about seven different kinds of processed meat in it


I was in a ball pool on Sunday!


I had to use a pritt stick in my professional exams about six years ago, but it dried out on the trip and so I had to make glue paste in situ from it and my drinking water, under exam conditions.

It was… quite stressful.


Don’t think I’ll go go-karting again

Never say never though


Think I’ve taken the last exam I’ll ever do.


Drank red wine for the last time at a Wetherspoons steak night in about 2013 or 2014. I downed two or three awful bottles in quick succession because my boyfriend at the time was ignoring me and playing with his phone so I decided to get outrageously and unignorably drunk on my favourite drink. The puking began almost as soon as I left the pub and continued all the way home, all over the bathroom and the hangover lasted a literal week. To this day, I can’t even smell red wine without wanting to hurl.


Eating meat: I got given a dish with meat in it rather than tofu and I ate it without realising, so I guess that counts.

Playing football, maybe?

Go on a first date, hopefully.


Putting on a sold out gig at Cafe Oto.

Music promotion is a young person’s game.

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And it turned out that was the real test. Shadowy figures observing from the other side of a two-way mirror, “he’s doing it”.


Never been



I hope so


I am fairly sure oysters are what made me violently ill before Christmas.

I will never not eat oysters though because I like to dance with the devil

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I won’t go bowling with my family again after this weekends debacles

I will go bowling with other people though


Bumper lane controversy?

I’m on a total Wetherspoons boycott after Tim Martin’s antics over the first lockdown. I was pretty uncomfortable with supporting him (brexit) and the chain (death of the local pub) but I was also happy to drink those cheap, cheap beers up to that point.

So whenever I last went to wetherspoons fits the bill.

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First date
Paintballing (actually probably realised about 8 minutes in tbf)
Staying up until the following morning drinking.
Smoking a doobie

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(Probably. No-one wants to be on a comedown at school pickup)


My first thought was not light and now im sad :sob:

wearing school uniform (i was waitlisted at a sixth form that had uniform but ended up going to one that didn’t)