Things you never forget how to do


ride a bike
drive a car
other stuff


tie laces


Skin up.

Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiii!


I tried swimming after a 20 year break, can confirm I couldn’t do it


i forgot


Have recently been a passenger with someone who was driving for the first time in 3 years, I’m not so sure people never forget how to drive.




could’ve been a shit driver in the first place?


Reckon you’d be a bit rusty to start with, but soon settle in to it after a few minutes. Like what happens when you drive a car that you don’t normally drive.

Probably the same with riding a bike. Or doing most of the things that will appear in this thread,


Your mum.




I would put ‘tieing a tie’, but when we went to sort suits out for the wedding last week, I had to get my mom to do the tie up for me :smiley:

Like being in Year 3 all over again


Highly possible (although I didn’t say it at the time).


yeah, I think I’d struggle with a tie. same goes for a scarf - one of the harder variants of scarf tying, that is



Knot a tie (half Windsor for me)

Only wear a tie maybe 3 times a year tops, never forgotten how to tie one


Kick a football.