Things you own where the battery life has become woeful

My watch seems to have gone off a cliff lately. Need to recharge it every 48 hours if I’m using it to record activities. On my run this morning, it cut out about 2/3rds of the way through, which means it won’t be recorded, so I might as well not have bothered.

Replaced my mobile phone a few months ago. Feels so bougie to be able to leave the house and not think about where the next plug socket is.


My electric toothbrush is pretty terrible. I’m also terrible at forgetting to put it on charge.


My running watch too. It’s six years old, and the battery life has declined to the point that I got a warning buzz about 100 metres from the end of my 13k run home yesterday. It was fully charged before I left. I could extend how far it will go by disabling the heart rate monitor, but that will lose a lot of the things I find most useful about it.

I think it’s time to ditch the old TomTom and upgrade to a Garmin 255.

My Switch. Swear it also takes longer to charge tha it does to run out too

I have a bluetooth speaker that has become incredibly not very portable now, cutting out after 30 minutes. We were mostly using it for some audiobooks for the kids at bedtime, so I am glad that Kindle for Android added casting to it at the weekend.

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My iPhone SE. Burns through battery, but most annoyingly it’s now very picky about how it’s charged. Only works on a couple of my cables and you have to really finesse how they fit to get it charging, then if you look at it wrong it will disconnect (yes I’ve cleaned out the port). Can’t afford an upgrade though so this is my life now. Life in fear of the day it just won’t charge at all.


I’m lucky if my laptop survives long enough from unplugging it from downstairs to getting it plugged in upstairs.


Yeah my laptop needs to be almost constantly plugged in these days. Takes about 5 minutes after logging in before it starts running smoothly too. It is the best part of 10 years old, mind.


In the SE leaky boat as well (2016 one with a smushed camera lens to boot)

Had an iPhone a few years ago and by the end it was like this. Had to prop something against the cable to apply a constant pressure to the connector otherwise it wouldn’t charge.

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This happened to one of my old phones do got a wireless charging pad thing that did the trick until I could get a new one.

King of the phones though. Perfect size.

I need to replace my phone battery. It drops from about 40% to 2% when im not even on it. Keep coming back to it and finding it totally dead.

I’m another person who now needs to charge their leccy toothbrush every other day.

Should get my arse in gear to get a replacement whilst they’ll be in the post Christmas sales.

I have a six year old MacBook pro - still runs very well, except for the battery, which actively lies to me about how much charge it has and shuts down at random. Basically never use it without a plug these days. If the battery drains completely I need to charge it for ten minutes before it will switch on - always a little fearful that next time is the time it bricks.

Bought a new electric toothbrush because the battery ran down really quickly but the new one is just as bad. Think it must be a faulty one tbh.

New Bluetooth headphones don’t have an instinctive off button and mustn’t have any kind of power saving mode so run down really quickly. Very disappointed with them overall tbh.

Hate electric toothbrushes, convinced they’re a con. Went the dentist the other day too and they said not to bother with them and all. Wake up everyone


My tablet is only a year old, but an hour spent reading comics (which is just sliding through jpegs) can wipe out nearly half the battery. It is a Samsung though, and I’ve sworn off their phones for a reason (being on the verge of exploding, twice) so more fool me I guess.

I like the idea of you running with a car TomTom strapped to your shoulder, telling you which turn to make next, in the Yoda voice, naturally.