Things you own where the battery life has become woeful

This happened to one of my old phones do got a wireless charging pad thing that did the trick until I could get a new one.

I need to replace my phone battery. It drops from about 40% to 2% when im not even on it. Keep coming back to it and finding it totally dead.

I’m another person who now needs to charge their leccy toothbrush every other day.

Should get my arse in gear to get a replacement whilst they’ll be in the post Christmas sales.

I have a six year old MacBook pro - still runs very well, except for the battery, which actively lies to me about how much charge it has and shuts down at random. Basically never use it without a plug these days. If the battery drains completely I need to charge it for ten minutes before it will switch on - always a little fearful that next time is the time it bricks.

Bought a new electric toothbrush because the battery ran down really quickly but the new one is just as bad. Think it must be a faulty one tbh.

New Bluetooth headphones don’t have an instinctive off button and mustn’t have any kind of power saving mode so run down really quickly. Very disappointed with them overall tbh.

Hate electric toothbrushes, convinced they’re a con. Went the dentist the other day too and they said not to bother with them and all. Wake up everyone


My tablet is only a year old, but an hour spent reading comics (which is just sliding through jpegs) can wipe out nearly half the battery. It is a Samsung though, and I’ve sworn off their phones for a reason (being on the verge of exploding, twice) so more fool me I guess.

I like the idea of you running with a car TomTom strapped to your shoulder, telling you which turn to make next, in the Yoda voice, naturally.


Counterpoint: I always use an electric toothbrush and went ~20 years between dentist appointments without a single issue aside from plaque build up.

Yes: 5 year old electric toothbrush can barely do two full 2 min brushes
A 6 year old bluetooth speaker that is pretty good but just seems to suddenly go to nothing power far too quickly.
My Surface Pro which is 3 or 4 years old I think, is definitely showing signs of shortened battery life.

At my dentist they’re always wanting to check you’re using electric not manual

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Tbf think it’s because my teeth just happen to be pretty decent. If I had plaque building up then they probably would have recommended a leccy one but it was more of an if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of thing


I was told to use an electric to prevent me using too much pressure and making my gums receed, so it’s also about how you’re brushing

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen an electric toothbrush. Would probably blow my mind!

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and brush my teeth


I bought a reconditioned iPhone 8 about 18 months ago and it has always had this issue.

The bigger issue for me though is the headphone cable dislodges regularly and Spotify cuts out. Sat down for some reason? MUSIC OFF. Turned around? MUSIC OFF. Gone up a step? MUSIC OFF. Gone up a mild incline? MUSIC OFF.

I don’t really want to replace it because it still works brilliantly otherwise, but…

Yeah this was essentially why I had to upgrade to a new OnePlus due to the need to get the charging position just right (and then it usually didn’t do the hypercharging). Was annoying as it was mostly fine even after 5 years otherwise.

I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet, which I’ve had for probably 5/6 years.

Pre Covid I mostly used it for watching stuff on trains, so it got a few hours a week of use and the battery would last weeks.

Suddenly though, after three years where I’ve worked from home for 75% of that time and used it to stream music for six/seven/eight hours a day to a speaker, the battery lasts about three days. Pfft.


One day I’ll replace them

One ear of my airpods kept running out after about half an hour of use recently which was disappointing as they weren’t that old (3 and a bit years) but to be expected I guess as they’re so small.

My 8.5 year old laptop always has an empty battery whenever I go to use it now, don’t want to replace the battery because I want to get a new laptop but I can’t afford a new laptop at the moment so I just avoid using my existing one instead.