Things you really should have learned by now

Not to hold anything under a streaming tap unless I want to spray water everywhere. (Just did this).

That it’s always better to take two trips rather than trying to carry everything in one. (I’m getting better at this one but I still take terrible risks)

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Long division

Whether a Southerly wind comes from the south or blows to the south.


Even when the weather is quite nice it still gets very cold at the top of mountains

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How to add up without having to round everything to ten first and working from there.


My flat comes with a parking spot, but I have no idea where the parking actually is. There’s no obviously-associated surface parking/car park, and I’ve walked around the building numerous times and there is no obvious vehicle exit point.

I don’t drive, so I don’t need it, but i feel like I really should know where it is.


The former. Where it comes from is what’s important.

Yeah I looked it up. The point is I haven’t learned it, I always need to look it up.

I mean listen to this and maybe be put off from this for life!

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Postcode of my office. Usually have to Google it when I’m on the phone.

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