Things you reckon no DiSer has or does

*lan request


Matalan is good for those slightly too big, scruffy T shirts to wear to the beach or pool when your on holiday


We did some world music thing at school where we learnt about and played gamelan.

Seen Sean naked

Let’s not go there, could get dark


Gonna go out on a limb and say at most very few DiSers will have any mates who work in vocational jobs (sparky, plumber, etc)

speak for yourself. got friends in various trades.


“Very few” but point taken. I only say so cos of some odd comments I’ve read on here about tradespeople from time to time.

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Loads of my mates do.

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I’ve played gamelan. There’s two music colleges here that my friends study in so I get to play all kinds of mad shit when I hang out with them.

A good sense of hygiene

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Trying to dredge up tea-towel-gate again?

yep I’ve played gamelan too, at the Colchester Institute

a gun

Don’t think that one’s true.

I shop in Matalan. Some of the basic homeware stuff they do is alright, plus there’s a shop about 5 minutes from my house.

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@mok… abandon post


Has anyone here ever astral projected?

Or should that be astrally projected?

Nah I’ve got loads of mates in manual trades. Plumbers, labourers, forklift operators etc.

For some reason I’ve got about half a dozen Plumber Mates™. Not really sure why. Actually that’s not true any more because half of them have quit because they hate it.

Any DiSers have a milkman and have their milk routinely delivered to their home by one?

I was thinking of getting back involved with it. Keep forgetting to buy milk for the weekend so for someone to bring me a pint every Saturday would be pretty fly I reckon.