Things you reckon other DiSers like but just need to confirm

I reckon @Bamnan likes Midlake. Can I confirm?


Reckon @shrewbie loves biscoff. Can I confirm?

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Reckon @Aggpass loves Bischoff. Can I confirm?


More and more these days


I reckon @Kallgeese likes the sweet taste of victory over a felled opponent in the noble art of Jujitsu. Can I confirm?

I reckon @anon29812515 prefers a Vue cinema over an Odeon cinema, but likes to keep this quiet.

Jordan loves sardines

They made love and gave birth, to a little german


For sure!

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Not a massive fan but I had a lovely pinxto that had sardines with chilli oil in San Seb

doing the washing up is @anon19035908’s favourite household chore. Can i confirm?

I reckon @Steved likes the feel of corduroy against his genitals.

i reckon @xylo would buy a §leather chesterfield sofa if given a chance.

I reckon he’s got one already

Reckon @Ilovetoast likes toast. Can I confirm?

I reckon @anon5266188 likes Paul Dano, can I confirm?

Reckon @anon3515918 is into large pots of onken, can I confirm?

Hmm, I’m kind of instinctively anti-Dano but enjoy a lot of his work quite a lot. This is a tricky one but for the purposes of this thread and in the spirit of community I’ll say YES. CONFIRMED.

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Mmmm, Dano


I seldom indulge, but have never had a bad time when I’ve done so, so YES CONFIRMED

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