Things you reckon you could beat all other DiSers at

What skill or attribute do you think you could beat all other DiSers at in a competition? :trophy:

Perhaps you have a county-level standing long jump, know everything there is to know about maths and that, or are really good at giving directions to strangers under pressure. No skill or attribute is too big or too small (ahem).

As alluded to in the Things You Enjoy But Are Probably Quite Bad For You In The Long Run thread, I am excellent at all you can eat buffets, particularly the Pizza Hut buffet. Unless there are any professional competitive eaters here - as opposed to mere enthusiastic amateurs like me - I would be very impressed if anyone could beat me at the Pizza Hut buffet.

This is a thread for boasting, but please be respectful if a worthy challenger presents themselves.


I’ll take that challenge!

My genuine first thought when I saw this thread title was eating too. Maybe Guinness consumption or Popmaster too.

Don’t think there is anything, no. I’m right plain and boring


Reckon I’d be one of the fastest few over a marathon, one of the fastest at downing a pint and one of the best at table tennis.

Not confident I’d be the best at any one of them but if we can turn it into a triathlon of sorts I’d back myself


You win by getting the most common time in each discipline


Some nerdy computer game and I’d hate myself for it


The game OlliOlli

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Naming the year films came out in
Making a right mess of life
Nugget eating


Likes received : likes given ratio

can’t believe you’ve come for my title in the first reply! what kind of numbers are you putting up under optimal conditions do you reckon?



Crossbar challenge from around 20/25 yards

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Maybe triathlon? I definitely wouldn’t be the best at any of the individual events, but add them all together, and I think I’d be up there.

Identification of british birds I’d say.

Been a long time since I was at a Hut but I reckon I could still put away a couple of pizzas worth plus garlic bread and a pots worth of potato salad with the bacon bits in.
Maybe you can have the pizza crown and I’ll win the roast potato consumption title alongside you.

Ya dirty bollocks


Completing a page of puzzles in the i

I’d be pretty optimistic about a second place finish if we did a Countdown tournament.


mert is formidable but i think with a bit more training you could take him


BTS trivia, also wonder if anyone can read and write in more than two foreign alphabets, if not then that

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