Things You Reckon You Could Have Invented

Would have had a good chance of inventing scissors I reckon. Just two knives tied together innit. Just born too late.

Wheel. Round stuff rolls. Easy.


I’ve said this before but I came up with the idea for the television programme Peep Show


What would your example have been to inspire you though? Wasn’t like there was much round stuff around back then.

Clothes or fuel?

By browsing these forums?

Doing a pencil roll in school PE lessons

The Kevin Nash gimmick

The wheel came after PE and maybe even school chronologically.

Umbrella because one day I did invent them having forgot they already exist so I think that counts as independently inventing them


prog rock. just stick a flute on it, sorted.


Impressive stuff

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hairdressers outdoors

The Fosbury Flop

No, this was before I was a member of the community here

Wait what is this? Has this been invented? I have never come across this.

This one seems a little bold, perhaps too bold.

Everything. It’s just things combined with other things, isn’t it. Piece of piss.

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What’s a helicopter a combo of then?