Things you say because your parents said them

I’m not as daft as you look.

Regularly say it to my daughter, much to her annoyance.

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‘up the wooden hill to bedfordshire’


Oh good grief, overlooked the two biggies here.

I (privately) call a banana a beananoid and when it’s time for bed I say (only to m, mind you) that it’s time for bebowdibayoh.

Quare stretch in the evenings.


Hearing that phrase for the first time of a year is absolutely one of the high points of life

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Used to do it ironically but it’s becoming a regular enough thing for me.
Gettin old!

Also have always been one for saying “a rake of…” for when there’s a lot of something. Definitely got that from the parents.

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Think my mum’s an absolute goldmine of this sort of stuff but I can’t think of anything right now.

My dad speaks English almost, but not quite, like a native speaker, and is also always very certain that he’s right, so when he pronounces a word wrong it’s delivered with the confidence of a native speaker. As a result, very occasionally I’ll pronounce a word wrong because that’s how I learned it, with no idea that it’s one of my dad’s guesses, and everyone makes fun of me.


what does this one mean please


Is this useless like “you shape like a wooden duck with a tin behind”

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NOBODY speaks to me like that, not even my close friends. You don’t know me! YOUR BLOCKED!

(i dont understand your one either sorry)


I am shocked to find I don’t have you on mute to be honest.

Safety wink.

I punctuated that badly. I think the phrase means someone is being bad at doing something / doing it in an awkward manner.

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When I get home I sometimes say (to my girlfriends annoyance) ‘Home again, home again, jiggety-jig’.

My parents always said it but I had no idea it was a nursery rhyme (until today). I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to look up what it was


“About as much use as a chocolate teapot” - my mum and maternal grandma.

Always confused me as a kid because a teapot’s worth of chocolate sounds fucking great.

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‘when I’m good and ready’
‘getting good and mad now’


various things like @froglet that are incorrect or intonated incorrectly that I’ve picked up over the years, but the worst is something different. I often say ‘goodbye’ like this when hanging up the phone because he does it:



also, ‘give over’ a lot too.


‘a bit of the old soixante-neuf’ - Papa Pervo’s special way of describing the number 69. Adds a bit of colour into conversations


Just saying “blimey” in pretty much every context.

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Yeah just when doing something wrong, paticularly something manual and getting in the way.

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Ah yes this too altho mine is if I’m out like at a hotel or something it’s jig,

Whereas if it’s my actual home it’s jog


My mother always used to warn us that, “Your sins will find you out,” which I think has a lovely dark/ religious/ murderous tone to it.