Things you see on the sides of buildings

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So I’ve been staring out my window on a work call this afternoon and looking at the building across the road. Was thinking, oh how cute, that looks like a bear heading a ball. Then when I looked closer and I swear I can see a man’s face.
Murals on the ends of tenements are really common in my area, so what do you reckon, was this part of a mural or am I imagining things and it’s just a bit of water damage?

Feel free to post other cool things you’ve seen on the sides of buildings


You know what I like? Well I’ll tell you.

Really old faded painted adverts on the side of brick buildings.

  • Part of a mural
  • Leafy’s imagining things

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Can you see the face though?

It’s clearly a seal heading a ball back at evil pacman

Side on, with a wide open mouth?

Looks a bit like Chris Martin with a thin moustache

I can’t say I’m seeing that, no

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Here’s some of the actual murals around

Quite nice to make dilapidated buildings looks colourful


I think I can see what you’re seeing but I can basically feel my stupid human brain forcing a pattern that isn’t a face into a face.

Think I can see a robin in that top one.

Nah, just an illusion

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I can see the bear but what teh fuck is this face?



I miss the giant, fading Sheba ad you could see on the side of a building from the train into Glasgow Central. Think it’s on Kingston Street, and is a boring sign for Marble Direct now.

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looks like a chimney


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It’s either Jesus or Eric Clapton. Can’t decide which.