Things you see people do all the time that you simply refuse to do



one of the fundamental rules of jazz life is that you don’t run for anything. buses, trains, trams, other things - you simply wait for the next one and rock up late, if necessary. nothing worse than a grown human running like an idiot, is there

only time it’s allowed of you’re gonna miss your flight, obvs

stuff like that?


Walking around 3 drains on a pavement. Supersticious cunts.


Opposite, avoid being late at all costs


Never change, bird


Spit in the street.


spitting is obviously disgusting, but I feel a pre 7AM flob in a clear street is fine and dandy



Engaging with strangers on social media that have an opinion you don’t agree with


This may disgust you, but sometimes I spit while running!


Read something good about lateness the other day, some navel-gazing columnist who was late for everything and wondering if it was just who she was, went to a psychologist who was like “Have you ever missed a flight by being late?”, to which she replied no, so he was like “Well there you are, you can avoid being late for stuff that’s important to you, you’re just a selfish person who values your own comfort over the feelings and plans of your friends and colleagues”. OWNED.


Putting their bag on the next next to them,
Not moving down the carriage
Letting people off the carriage before getting on


I used to be like this, then I thought, fuck 'em, they’re only idiots, and frankly they need to be told.

It has done me no good at all, wish I’d never bothered.


Spitting at someone: disgusting disgraceful etc

Spitting on the street: Getting rid of excess saliva, perfectly acceptable. Just uptight people who are disgusted by any bodily fluids/the fact they are human thus a puss filled bag of blood and snot, give a shit.


walking around ladders


Just plough straight on through them, eh?


Why do you have excess saliva? What’s wrong with you?



It’s grim. Someone hocking up a proper grolley and gobbing on the street is a bit much.


Oh, Your mum


side flob into bush is fine, man. fine