Things you "should" like but dont

Husker Du

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why should you like them?

do you like the simpsons?

live music :ok_hand:
hanging out with pals :ok_hand:
getting a bit lairy :ok_hand:

festivals? :-1:

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I like surprising people who know me as a guy who digs a lot of music by telling them I’ve never been to a festival

i get why you’d not like some festivals, but if you like lots of those three things over a fairly short space of time… then you’ll surely lilt some (other) festivals

mmmm lilt festival


don’t like not being able to leave when I want and come back, they’re too expensive and corporate, I hate camping, sound quality is often shit.

best festival I ever went to was, predictably, ATP, and that no longer exists…

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headliners Yo La Tango and the Um Bongo Dog Doo Dah Band


festivals that fit your criteria do exist

then again in terms of the thread - your reasons do make sense for not like big commercial festivals (which you quite reasonably think you should like) so fair enough

probably, but i’m not really willing to take my chances now. lineup would have to be exceptional, and i’d have to have a lot of surplus money (there are hundreds of things I’d prefer to spend money on than a festival at this point in time).

Dr Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band


that is absolutely fair

for the money it costs to do a festival properly, could do a very nice weekend in a european city - which is something i’d appreciate more now than when i was prime festival age and could cope with campaign for 5 nights and hammering it every night

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Cryptic crosswords. Just makes me really angry.


Winter Olympics

normal olympics shits all over it, doesn’t it?

My friend, you like pints

Going to the football doesn’t allow you to have pints… it allows you to choke down a drink as quickly as possible after waiting in a queue for 10mins and then you spend the next 45mins coming down and needing the piss.



Reckon they should get rid of all the shit events from both and just have a couple of weeks of track and field and bobsleigh/skeleton.


FA Cup weekends