Things you still do to make yourself look cool

When there’s a conversation going on about something I know nothing about, I keep my face calm like I know what’s being talked about but have no intention of joining in. That way people think I know what’s going on but CHOOSE not to get involved which is a very cool thing to do.

Are you cool?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I once was, not anymore
  • I am not, but plan to be in future
  • I never have been
  • There have been a few times, but that’s about it
  • I am not (but I actually am because this is what cool people would say)

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  • cool emoji
  • uv protection emoji

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Wear a leather jacket


I have long hair and I’m an artist. Of course I’m cool!


Town planning.

I have no concept of cool.

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sometimes i type all in lower case because that’s what cool people do


Most of my clothes are now so old they qualify as vintage

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People at uni used to think I was ‘enigmatic’, which is the coolest kind of cool

Front squat around 130kg/280pound ish yesterday for 3 reps ATG

was told by the younguns watching that that was ‘cool’ - ergo I am cool?

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or they were saying they didn’t know who you were


I go to wanker coffee shops and order wanky black coffee even though sometimes I just want a ridiculous coffee desert thing

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on behalf of dis, I would like to confirm that you are cool

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Black coffee is still quite nice though. You’re only cool if you force yourself to drink something so disgusting that it makes you physically sick, right there on the vintage wooden floor panelling. That gets respect.

  • the man
  • incredibly cool

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dunno why, but the ‘BBC 2’ bit does me


When I was young smoking was cool. That no longer appears to be the case


At the moment. I’m currently the only not cool person on the votes. That surely makes me cool?


Stupid jumpers.

describe things as ‘wack’ (both good, and bad)