Things you think you might've invented...

in 1942 i invented the shoe

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Had a pair of these when I was a kid


Except it was the early 90s and they made your glasses incredibly heavy

The term “Put some rasta in your pasta”

At least two of my friends


Chocolate cornflakes

The wheel

I was the first person to slice bread

you can thank me for that

started wearing homemade jorts around 2008. everyone was doing it two years later.

In 1996 or 1997 I predicted the rise of fake news


Large match John was rocking jorts before 2008 I reckon

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Chocolate houmous

I started doing it in 2007 (not doing a bit, I actually did - I had no money in uni and was getting so sweaty marching around in jeans that I made them into shorts, a practice that I still continue to this day). Love the jorts.

When I was a kid I came up with something I called a ‘cake pie’ for a food technology project, which was a pie base with a layer of jam in, and a sponge filling. Apparently, despite my love of bakewell tarts and frangipanes I believed this was a total innovation. I still call them cake pies in my head.

My mate Jon and I came up with the idea of a beer subscription delivery service at university, we called it Ale by Mail, but never did anything about it because we didn’t know shit about business or have any way of actually setting it up.

10 years later fucking everyone was doing it, someone even took our name.

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Blink 182 were jort sporting in the 90s

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And they were far easier to see than John cena

Jorts were around in the 60s and 70s

Twitter. I remember saying, “no one ever looks at anyone’s profiles on Facebook, they should do away with all that and just keep the status updates.” Next thing you know everyone is screaming at each other forever. You’re welcome.

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OK, boomer

Don’t believe everything Theo tells you, bud.

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