Things you use in a way that is not their intended purpose (banal)


Don’t mrbean.jpg me, you know full well that stuff is included too.

Just found a cache of paperclips. Going to run out the clock by finding the perfect one for scratching my ear.


I use scissors to cut pizza



I use everything correctly


Take care


sometimes i drink juice out of a mug


please don’t joke about that


Oh, I posted that link in here, too:


I use a popular UK music forum as a place to argue about football.


I prefer to use






I really want a burrito but I’ve got loads of healthy food in the flat :grimacing: what do I do? :thinking:

  • It’s Friday! Have yourself a burrito with added potential regret.
  • Shut up. Eat the Health!

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i think you should bring me the burrito and you keep the healthy stuff


problem is there’s a minimum order so I’d have to buy a cheeky quesadilla for tomorrow too :blush:


the red rubber rings from the top of a Grolsch bottle as guitar strap locks


where you getting a burrito delivered from? :eyes:


los cardos!


Oh fuck… maybe I should get sushi? :grimacing: aaaah the indecision.


Most of the time when the question is “Burrito or something else?” the answer is always burrito.


might nip out from work for a burrito soon cos of this