Things you used to believe


Used to think ‘glasgow’ was spelled and pronounced ‘glascow’

Used to think Cornwall was a different country


That stoppage time in football was actually called Scottish time and was somehow connected to tv programmes not being screened in Scotland.


used to think it was called scottish time too, but because the scottish had invented the concept


That hernia was another term for heart attack.


Used to think there was no tv on at night, like it was just white noise. Genuinely could not comprehend that there were programs running in the middle of the night. This was when channel 5 was still new btw so ages ago, I now know better


i’d watch a paul coia quiz show about hills


In fairness, that did used to be the case I think. Not the white noise thing, but there not being programmes on in the early hours. Sure I read/heard somewhere they just showed pages from Ceefax or something.


I think it did come from waking up too early to try and watch tv and nothing being on, but my 9 year old mind decided that counted for the whole night


Shadow Cabinet Minister(s) were so called because of a sponsorship deal with this guy


Approximately a million years ago I decided against buying a U2 CD in France, on the basis of a belief that CD’s bought in foreign countries would have singing in the language of said country.

In hindsight Bono in French might be an improvement.

Music in languages which isn't that of its most famous versions

In life after love


Really wish this was actually the case.


Somewhat off-topic, but you’ve reminded me of this, which used to play at the end of the day’s programmes on NZ TV and is quite lovely and nostalgic.


Case in point:


I used to believe that at the age of 12 everyone got a choice of whether to carry on being a boy or become a girl.

my grandad convinced me and my brother that he had been a little girl and decided to be a boy because he wanted to play rugby league.


almost choking up (even though I’m not an NZ-er so have no nostalgia) seeing someone’s uploaded the last broadcast of it

Along the lines, I am very nostalgic for this:

There are a good few home videos my parents took bc of how funny it was that I would literally stop whatever I was doing in order to walk to the TV and do a weird toddler dance while holding onto the armchair for balance


TV used to end at around midnight, maybe 1am at weekends. Yes, Ceefax pages were shown from the 80s but prior to that it was either the test card or no picture and a monotone all night



My mother convinced me that if I pulled back my foreskin too far that my nob would fall off

34 I was


Yup many times fell asleep in front of the TV and woke up to that bloody tone