Things you used to do a lot but haven't for ages

Or don’t do nearly as much.

  • Watch Flash Gordon
  • Buy big tubs of vanilla ice cream
  • Go to gigs

Drink Dr. Pepper

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Go to gigs
Go to the cinema
Go to the pub
Anything that involves going somewhere that costs something tbh
Play video games
Be convinced that I’d die alone

  • Play football
  • Play video games
  • Drink fizzy drinks
  • Drive to the KFC in Kettering instead of the one in Corby so that there would be less chance of people seeing me, and buy a ridiculously huge meal and eat it in the car park whilst crying
  • Watch films

Cinema mostly, used to go 2-3 times a week but now it’s barely once a month.

Listen to albums.

Ride a bike
Play Football
Walk to work
Go to the beach
Go to gigs

Play hockey
Go to gigs




Remember how they used to advertise on TV all the time. Are they selling loads of cans now so they don’t need to bother or have they given up?

Going to the gym. Used to go 2/3 times a week but scaled back in the past couple of years. Play badminton more now instead

Read stories to my son. Stopped about 2 years ago, assume it will never restart. Quite sad really in some ways.

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Same. Haven’t been on a proper ride for ages and that makes me sad. How come you stopped?

Think it’s probably been about 3 years since I’ve ridden a bike, which just seems bizarre when I think about it

Go to gigs
Draw- belonged to a drawing club a while back and got quite good. Haven’t bothered with it for years now though

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RIP the gig industry :cry:

Eat tuna
Eat raisins
Cook new dishes
Drink orange juice
Be impulsive

Play video games
Eat meat
Sleep alone
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