Things you used to do that you'd never imagining doing again

-I used to try all sorts of ridiculous jumps on my bike, thought I’d broken my back once. I don’t think it stopped me.

-Walked home along the train tracks after getting drunk as a teen, it involved walking over quite a high bridge too. Daft.

rollerskating down hills on the road (when not being very good at rollerskating).



pub->club->sesh (for 18 hours)


Enjoying the support

2 years ago it would have been posting on drowned in sound. then I got an office job.

pills, coke, speed etc

(not whilst rollerskating)


plus, these new boards are simply fantastic.

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Going out midweek until about 4am and then going to work the next day.

Spending whole days playing Sensible Soccer.


that’s not very sensible

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Laser quest. Used to spend entire days at the one in Reading in my youth. Had a nickname, membership card, the works, and regularly blistered my trigger finger (not a euphemism).

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I’d like to spend a whole day playing sensible (or micro machines or PGA or whatever) with a few mates, snacks and some chronic. Never going to happen though. Maybe when I retire.


i liked that game but sick of mates playing it when they came round, so i hid my own copy of it

This. A thousand times this.

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lets set it up!

You, me and marckee

Who is going to (Rocco) mediate?

can’t even fathom how I used to be able to do that

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