Things you used to do that you'd never imagining doing again



-I used to try all sorts of ridiculous jumps on my bike, thought I’d broken my back once. I don’t think it stopped me.

-Walked home along the train tracks after getting drunk as a teen, it involved walking over quite a high bridge too. Daft.


rollerskating down hills on the road (when not being very good at rollerskating).






pub->club->sesh (for 18 hours)


Enjoying the support


2 years ago it would have been posting on drowned in sound. then I got an office job.


pills, coke, speed etc

(not whilst rollerskating)


plus, these new boards are simply fantastic.


Going out midweek until about 4am and then going to work the next day.

Spending whole days playing Sensible Soccer.


Playing Football manager for 24 hours straight, punctuated only by my grandma/grandad shouting me down to fetch cups of tea/dinner/tea.


that’s not very sensible


Laser quest. Used to spend entire days at the one in Reading in my youth. Had a nickname, membership card, the works, and regularly blistered my trigger finger (not a euphemism).


I see now why southerners refer to it as lunch/dinner


I’d like to spend a whole day playing sensible (or micro machines or PGA or whatever) with a few mates, snacks and some chronic. Never going to happen though. Maybe when I retire.


i liked that game but sick of mates playing it when they came round, so i hid my own copy of it


This. A thousand times this.


lets set it up!

You, me and marckee


Who is going to (Rocco) mediate?