Things you used to like but now don't


The TV ahow First Dates. Basically the same every week, never any really awkward moments, the staff are annoying, that Fred guy is a massive toilet


Law of diminishing returns for that show for sure. Feels like it’s always fucking on as well.


Nine Inch Nails


Yeah first dates, also Gogglebox to an even bigger degree. Unwatchably shite




have you ever seen Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson? it’s basically Bronson, Alchemist, Knxwledge, Bes and other assorted dudes getting very high, talking absolute shit while watching Ancient Aliens.

it’s fucking great


alright, RFWare


Getting a bit bored of Dinner Date. None of the contestants have cooking skills (or basic equipment like mixing bowls and scales), the conversations are usually forced to the point of cringing, and at the end of the programme, you usually discover that Mark and Dan are still single, and that Hannah and Jeff exchanged numbers but didn’t see each other again.


Urgh Gogglebox ia just so forced, I cant watch it


Other people’s posts.


come onnnn


Computer games. Just seem like a waste of time tbh.


I enjoyed this too




fucking love AB. genuine dude, passionate about all the good stuff, handsome as fuck.

what’s not to like…


it’s dreadful. point a camera at people while they’re watching TV and they’ll feel forced to just say whatever boring shit comes into their heads that should really be kept to themselves. “oh why’s he doing that then. oooh this isn’t to end well. oh no.” don’t get why anyone would want to watch some other people watch tv.


Sweet potato fries. They were a nice change from normal chips for a while. But now, fuck 'em. Normal chips are better.


Still love Fred.

Despite knowing the reasons why, gogglebox mainly irritates because of the ridiculously bright surroundings each family has. Also one family put bakewell tarts in a bowl. A bowl!

To answer the question: Pringles and vodka.