Things you used to like but now don't


i dont like marckee no mo


The work of any musician or actor who I find out has said anything that could in any way be interpreted as diverging from my opinions in any way imaginable.


Lost Prophets


The Manchester family? The always have a different cake / baked good / sweet item in the bowl. It’s their thing.


It started out quite revealing and sweet, but it’s lost its shine for sure.

The Siddiquis are still good though, because they say genuinely funny things. Giles and Mary sometimes too. The rest can sod off.


Simon Pegg


the couple on last week’s first dates who are having a baby made up for the fact that i had to sit through the four other crap dates (can’t ever remember any of the other dates)


Enjoyed a film last night, in the same way people enjoy a bowl of soup or something
It was Big




yeah it was a film that was so much like soup, it was just actual soup


This cunner mind


Football. Just a never ending load of old bollocks really.


yeah this is terrifying


Masterchef. Once upon a time it’s repetition was kinda soothing and reliable… now each series goes on for fucking months and every episode is identical.


match of the day

just show us the fucking football, couldn’t give a monekys what you all thought of the game/tactics etc etc


Used to love a bit of countdown with Jeff, religiously watched for about 2 years and then they got Nick in. Not the same is it?


I can play it online but I never watch the TV show ever. it is far too slow paced and that Nick is a bit of a tit


It’s meaningless soundbite tennis:

Bald fella: "EXCEPTIONAL food! Cooked to PERFECTION!"
Melted John Travolta bloke: “Cooking at this caliber could CHANGE THEIR LIFE!”

Repeat until death.


bald bloke: you know, i do love a pudding
john travmelted bloke: yes, he does love a pudding


Ha! Was thinking that as well, great minds. :smiley: