Things you used to like but now don't


Nick on TV is ok; Nick on set is absolutely hilarious but they cut out a lot of the mad old man musings (randomly going off onto tangents about dead animals - usually goats falling off roofs - or delivering deadpan innuendo) that make him so entertaining.

But I do struggle to watch it without a fast forward button for most Dictionary Corner celebs and the dull small talk before the contestant intros.

Btw are you planning to go to CoManc? (11th March) I’ll probably be there.


I didn’t like them at any point, so don’t care that it doesn’t fit the thread.

The posh couple on goggle box. Bright trouser wearing smarmy cunts. Not at all funny, hate their fake aloof acting.


Don’t think they’re on it any more, haven’t showed up this series.


I’ll take that as the smallest of victories


yeah them and the tappers were never good.

while we’re on the subject of posh googleboxers - the new posh family are so boring. and i love giles and mary.


Have you seen Giles’ art?


and mary is an agony aunt for the spectator, lol


I think I hate them too, don’t like Scarlett either. She’s too big for her boots now.

None of them are good tbh other than the aforementioned siddiquis




quite enjoy Nick when he pops up on HIGNFY and the like


speaking of Nick, my answer to this thread is The Apprentice

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what the utter fuck is this


I stopped watching it after the episode when the blonde fella working their stepped in for a date as somebody didn’t turn up.

I’m now doubting if this actually happened but it probably has since anyway