Things you’ve done/tried because of other dissers (Rolling)


This is a thread to give kudos to other dissers who either recommended or influenced you to buy/eat/do something or go somewhere.

This thread was inspired by @meowington’s recommendation to try - I got some and they’re great!

I’ve also finally finished the Kanye West podcast recommended by @saps

And I also had chicken kievs tonight mostly because @plasticniki keeps talking about them.

So, what have you tried/done because of another disser?


Quite a bit of music I’ve tried because of recommendations on here.

Anais Mitchell’s “Hades Town” from back in the day and last year’s protomartyr come to mind especially.


Various films - some good, some OK, some utter shite.
Overnight oats - now an everyday part of my diet


Fucking loads of stuff: music, films, books, podcasts, beers, all that good stuff
Went to Okan Ramen on Coldharbour Lane just yesterday on eltham’s recommendation and am going to go to Monohon Ramen soon on aboynamedgoo’s


Peeling ginger with a teaspoon - a disser I can’t remember






Too many to remember! I’ll just go with irons’ haggis toastie


Have you really though?






@meowington mentioned getting vegan dr martens which I didn’t know existed and now my feet hurt because I’m breaking mine in :heart_eyes:


Heel plasters are your friend.


Storing tins upside down. Kudos whoever you were.


Thank you @saps for recommending that Dissect podcast. Got so much enjoyment out of it and listening to it has genuinely enriched my life.


What are the benefits of this?


Doubles the shelf life


Tried lebkuchen on the combined recommendation of @rich-t, @Witches and @incandenza. I am very thankful for that, cheers guys :slight_smile:


Thanks to @meowington’s recommendations I had some amazing pancakes in San Francisco and went to a cool little chocolate factory there too

Got into Thundercat last year on the recommendation of @Kallgeese and @Severed799

Stayed at a really nice pub in Herne Hill on my birthday thanks to a DiSer beginning with A, may have been @AcceptanceIII


Seems like @meowington is quite the influencer!