Things you’ve done/tried because of other dissers (Rolling)

wasted the prime years of my life on a forum


@jordan_229 encouraged me to go to Le Guess Who last year. It fell just after I’d had a really shit time with mental health stuff, and it turned out to be one of the best weekends of 2017. So yeah, ta matey x


I think I also need to thank @meowington for bigging up the Lakeland heated driers? got the 3 tiered bad boy for Christmas and literally just moved it into a new home (the gap between my bed and wardrobe) in its cute little jacket.


gonna claim responsibility for this one

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And a huge thank you sir! A lot of the music I love the most comes from recommendations from people on here and last year’s most exciting discovery was definitely protomartyr

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YES! So glad you’ve gotten into him!


the absolute boy


The baked beans just fall out when you open it.

This sounds like a negative to me*, but I am glad it has improved your life :slight_smile:

*I am not always using whole cans.

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Well you get a thanks from me too.

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@ericVI recommended cache to me and I enjoyed it, cheers!

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I love my heated dryer with all my heart!

I just chat shit about things A LOT.


I bought The Kindly Ones because @anon29812515 used to go on about it. I should really get around to reading it soon.

Meow has got the tiny one I believe. Balonz has the bigger one iirc. I have the deluxe one, with cover, like a boss :sunglasses:

Absolute godsend in the winter months :+1:

Got so many great recommendations from the lads and lasses in the horror thread…

…but particular mention to @SloameOcean - there is a man who knows his horror onions in every format :+1:

Aw shucks… right back at ya! :blush:

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Wipe standing up. Never again.

Storing tins of beans upside down in the cupboard (think this was Bamos’s idea?). Works so well that i’ve done it ever since.

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you have to cock a leg or squat. Better still - one foot up on the toilet seat with a squat. Good and deep clean.