Things you want but couldn't bring yourself to actually own


Just seen an advert for a backpack that mimics the feeling of loud music rumbling through your body.

Obviously I would love to own this, but I’m not sure I would want to be the me that did own this.


Lego Saturn 5 rocket.

I don’t think I could justify spending over £100 on it, however incredible it looks:


Good shout. Pretty sure @Antpocalypsenow owns a large amount of ‘concept’ lego he’s never used?



Apparently it’s really good, but £119 for a bracelet that you need to connect to your audio device :grimacing:


I have the LEGO architecture studio if that’s what you’re referring to?


Yes. Have you used it?




I have! (Not for a while though in fairness)


Various Warhammer figurines.


This, but actually owning them.


ray bans
a rolex
a really nice bespoke suit
one of those nu-greaser quiff haircuts


does it support the brown note?


A woman


would quite like a pet but it would be like in friends when joey borrows a dog and makes it depressed


With you on haircuts. I really wanna dye my hair bluey green, but i can’t be arsed with the inevitable constant enquiries into my mental health.


yeah i’m same (i dress quite well but my haircut is fairly standard) + those alt-right cunts seems to have hijacked the greaser style of cut somewhat.

you could go away for a bit and come back with new hair colours maybe, that way it’s like you’ve “seen some things” and changed as a person. was thinking i might do the same myself.


If I move abroad, a new wardrobe and haircut will be the first things I acquire.


if i moved to one of my dream cities - somewhere down south of france, maybe amsterdam, etc - i’d get a haircut so cool they’d make me fucking mayor within the first week.


How do you mean ‘used it’? I thought that was to build and leave on a shelf, occasionally explaining to friends kids that they can’t touch it. Or do you get in from work and play with a Lego Guggenheim Museum?