Things you want to happen/become readily available

Vegan Rustlers style burgers please.



I’d like it if a private rent cap of £150 per month was introduced.



Rufftlers. That’s all I’ve got.

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I believe someone already did a fantastic version of my name in the form of the Rustlers logo on the DiSers as Brands thread.


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proper budget flights to America
equal distribution of TV money in La Liga
anarcho-syndicalist control over labour and industry

very specific tbh.

Sounds like a solid plan to me

the la liga money is top of that list if I’m honest.

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Well it’s too late now I’ve put it in the schedule you’ll have to wait until Pan Am customers start agitating the Spanish tv companies

what about the norwegian air flights to america, I heard they’re rubbish but that’s proper budget air travel I suppose

doesn’t that involve a stop over in Iceland or something like that? Can’t be arsed with that mess.

I though that they were direct but could be wrong

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you’re right. 149 for a single aint bad, but I’m talking like 50 quid Ryanair bingo-scratchcards budget,.

I flew with Norwegian to NY a couple of years ago. £220 return direct and on one of those fancy dreamliners. Think you had to pay extra for luggage and food.

the last time I was on the ryanair site, it did make me think of bingo for some reason



have a tradition of buying those scratchcards they sell mid-flight too.

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I had a look at those, but they don’t seem much cheaper than a ‘proper’ airline and you have to pay extra for luggage, food, etc.

Think they’re launching some really cheap flights from like Cork or Shannon or somewhere once they get new planes, but it’s flying to some obscure place about 100 miles from anywhere in the middle of New York state. So that means getting a flight to somewhere in Ireland and then being 2 hours away from anywhere decent at the other end too.

A netflix style service that has all the films on it. Doesn’t have to be brand new films, but anything older than say 2 or 3 years that’s worth watching.

Universal Basic Income