Things you want to happen/become readily available

all the good things about budget flights made transatlantic

More public spaces! More commons regimes for urban areas! More commons regimes for agriculture and food! More commons regimes for information! The end of the idea that private property is the be all and end all of ownership!

More ice cream!

A train to King’s Lynn from Cambridge between the 1635 departure and the 1740 departure.

A Labour government (or at the very least, a progressive alliance of some sort)

proper haircuts

To be fair, when you actually think about the cost involved in these things, £150 each way is pretty good value. From here to New York each passenger is probably getting their money’s worth in Jet-A1 alone…

Cheap or free access to physio therapy, last time it took around 8 weeks to actually see someone :expressionless:


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Under a Tory government?


easy VPNs for Netflix and that