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I just heard what a mudslide cocktail is and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m determined to have one this weekend. Has anyone had one? Has everyone had one? Am I stupid for only just hearing about it?


The Mudslide is a decadent mix of vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Perfect for sipping in warm weather, this frozen cocktail is rich, sweet and very, very cold. This summer, ditch your cocktail shaker, bust out the blender and knock back this creamy concoction.

Sounds tasty. Never had one.


i’ll stick to a white russian, ta

Came into the thread to say scuba diving and now feel like a tosser


Although I did once have a ‘mini-Guinness’ shot which was half Kahlua and then the Bailey’s floated on top and that was good.

Did you ever have the chocolate orange drink, Moossee? A Guinness with a shot of Tia-Maria and a shot of Cointreau thrown in. It tastes magic for the first half then you end up regretting it for the second half. @dingaling might like that one, actually :smiley:


I don’t know why this made me laugh.

I don’t think I could do the breathing properly for scuba.


that sounds Christmassy as fuzz. I’d be into that.

In none alcohol drinks, my favourite is one that they do at a place near me called the Pooh Bear. Honey, hot milk and cinnamon. So great in the winter.


I don’t know what to think of that. I reckon I’d want that with a milk-alternative, cashew or oat milk maybe? The version for coffee though that has oil in it to give it a thicker style.


I’ve not found a milk alternative that I can drink as milk tbh. I don’t mind some of them in a brew, but I like a glass of milk every now and then and I can’t find a good substitute for that.


I hear you. I was thinking the honey and cinnamon would provide enough extra flavour to make that not a problem. Like chocolate soya milk was always fine for me to drink but plain soya milk was pure :nauseated_face:


I just find most of them a bit too watery, and the nutty ones taste a tiny bit like pencil shavings smell a bit.


Yeah the oil-enriched ones for baristas tend to be thicker. Oatly specifically do a barista one and it’s great in coffee. Otherwise you’re right, it’s not got the consistency.

Caveat: I have never had a neat barista level one to be fair.


I like scuba diving a lot. Closest I can get to being able to fly, and just amazing seeing all the wildlife down there.


I can confirm it tastes a bit like graphite-y oats


Sky diving/parachuting

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Bungee jump

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scuba diving

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“Two lesbians probably. Sisters. I’m just watching” /Gareth

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Would like to ride a horse one day


I’d like an old fashioned just like Don Draper.

I’d like to try rally driving, that looks fun.


Chicken Scratchings. Like the pork things but with chicken. I read an article about Brew dog selling them ages ago but never seen them.


I liked Safari but fuck me it KILLED my tits. GP (@ghostpony, not my doctor) told me to wear a sports bra but I forgot until I was giving myself black eyes :frowning: