Things you wanted for Christmas as a kid


Sorry if this has been done before, but was inspired by this part of my niece’s list-

“A helmet… And surPrises?!”


My dad to be around.

Merry Christmas!! :christmas_tree:


Asked for a Furby one Christmas. Got given two.

Be careful what you wish for, kids


A Mr Frosty set. I had a hand-me down one from a cousin, but it was broken. My mum kept telling me they were crap, but I still wanted one. I later discovered she was right.


Oh and also this, which I didn’t get for the same reason as the Mr Frosty set: they are crap, and I was allowed to make cakes in the real oven


Was always SO jealous of people who had them! Weird how to a child’s mind it looks amazing when in hindsight it was what, a lightbulb?


Mr Frosty was SO shit.


Never did get it.


They’re like £70 now aren’t they?? For that price I’d want it to reply to emails and whip the hoover round


Yeah and the stuff it made was barely edible.


also shit

The purple people eater.


Remember very vividly when I was 4 or 5 being given a set of doll’s milk bottles (the “magic” kind where you turn it upside down and the milk seems to disappear). I told my mum Father Christmas had made a mistake and had given me a girl’s present. But apparently it was for my toy rabbit I was quite attached to. I pointed out Rabbit didn’t have a mouth so he couldn’t use a bottle (this was true). So my mum stitched a mouth on Rabbit.


My friend had that! We covered it in Ghostbuster Ectoplasm ™ in his back garden. It was everything we hoped for and more.


Even now I’m getting pangs of jealousy.


For my parents to celebrate Christmas. Actually we had a loophole as our grandparents celebrated Christmas so would get presents via them while my parents could pretend they had fully converted and given up on Christmas. Remember one year putting aside a parcel that was obviously a jumper, and as I was a kid was more interested in toys, but my grandma had knitted the jumper and got extremely upset, get paralysed with guilt whenever I think about it.


Also in toys that are crap, but seem irresistible when you don’t have one:


The one tragic Christmas that I had no front teeth with endless renditions of this sung by various family members in supposed light hearted jest:


A puppy

I still want a puppy for Christmas


Not for Christmas but I remember being desperate for this kit which basically had (fake) gems covered in grit or whatever to look like rocks, and you had to put them in a speci bottle filled with water to expose the gems and I was so so happy when I got it


A real magic wand