Things you wanted for Christmas as a kid


Asked for a Nerf gun constantly but never got one because my mum thought they were too violent.

Put two on the wedding list this year so now we have these bad boys. JOKES ON YOU MUM I GOT ONE IN THE END


i had that!
was good - but teh SLIME got everywhere!


Oh and a tamagotchi :grinning:


These are the kinda things I buy for me nephews now, I mean I say it’s for them but they’re clearly for me:)


That’s one of the only good things about being an adult isn’t it? That smug feeling of "I know about tax codes and care about politics and have eat vegetables out of choice now but I’m also going to spend my money on something ridiculous and you can’t stop me!"
It’s quite sweet though that my Dad is turning into a big kid again and we bond over stuff like that now. Had some contraband Triops in my flat he was hiding from his girlfriend for a while haha


I was thinking of getting a small one for my nephew after we had a great old time playing with them on a field near his house, but I get the feeling my sister wouldn’t appreciate it. They have a pond and he’ll soon have a baby sister, neither of which work well with foam bullets


Always asked for Gooey Louie

never got it


really wanted a camera when i was about 4, went to this Santa’s booth but got my words mixed up and asked for a sharpener. he had a pencil sharpener to hand so gave me it, best Christmas ever :santa: :pencil2:


Everything from some stickers to a Barbie house to a horse.


£14.99 in Argos! Now’s your chance!
Coincidentally my surname sounds like Louie so I got called that at school. Something about character building


white Vert-X rollerblades. I had recurring dreams where I would get them and I’d be about to open the box but then I’d wake up.


Mr Frosty. never got one :frowning:


Buzz lightyear


Tracey Island.
Raleigh Extreme.


Urban Dictionary is telling me that this is similar to a Cleaveland Steamer?


Scalextric. Hurts to this day.


Looking back, I actually feel guilty for all the stuff my parents bought me. Is this normal?


this terrifying doll that was about 4’ tall and had a tape deck in her back


Crikey! The tape deck is one thing, but that expression


not something i asked for, but when i was about 6 i got this cockerel alarm clock that crowed. it was incredibly loud and in the run up to christmas my parents set it off accidentally or tested it after i’d gone to bed, not realising it would wake the dead. i heard it from my bedroom and came downstairs asking what that weird noise was and they had to pretend not to have heard anything.

it lasted me until i moved out. my mum then took it and used it for another 15 years or so as it was the only thing that would wake her up. she’s got one of those ones with metal bells now that’s similarly deafening