Things you were jealous of as a child


My friend was born 8.8.88 and I’m 25.8.88 and was very bitter about this

Also one friend had an attic room with three steps leading down to her window, while I had a box room, and my ungrateful 8 yo self was super jealous

Now u


Best mate had the Mask car that flung spiky discs


Anyone who had a Mr Frostie machine




All my friends who had the ghostbusters fire station. My parents would never get me one :frowning:


Yeah, Raven:


Hah, yeah, that.


I always thought itd be dead cool to be born in a different country


My friend had the green thunderbirds ship

Sometimes I fantasized about stealing it


there was this gang of nerds at my junior school who all had gameboys and would sit around playing zelda. proper hated them. cunts.


Mr frostie is such fun
He makes drinks for everyone
Doo-doodoo doo-doodoo DOO doot doooooo


Shiny Charizard, natch


I used to really wish I had some kind of food allergy as it seemed kind of fancy somehow


Wish I’d been a part of a gang of nerds


I hated my prescription glasses soooo much as a kid but my cousin was proper jealous. Children are mad :rofl:


my brothers had the middle names James and Edward (after my dad and grandad) which were both the names of Thomas The Tank Engine characters and mine wasn’t so i sulked and decided i was changing my middle name to Thomas. think i insisted i be referred to only as Thomas for a few days.

funnily enough my nephew’s middle name is Thomas now, AS IF TO RUB IT IN MY FACE.


Anyone with pets


really wanted those shoes that had lights in the heel that lit up whenever you walked


The soda stream crew


28 years old, you were…