Things you won't trust other people to do/get for you

You know, because of your exacting standards and the fact that they’ll fuck it up. Or whatever.

I just let my housemate pick out and buy a snare drum for me. I straight up don’t give a shit.

Hang up the washing on the airers.


abandon reply

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But at this point, buy presents for me. STICK TO THE LIST (or preferably don’t get me anything at all, ta).

Clean stuff
Iron stuff
Troll the internet
Contactless card payments
Bicycle maintenance

I’m looking to do less and less. Saps could you please pick up my dry cleaning on Thursday?

Pack my shopping at the till.



Tumble dry my clothes.

I KNOW you’re saying it’ll be fine but i KNOW it won’t be fine. Stop it.

If it’s walkable from my home, then yes. Or a short cycle.

If it involves driving then I can’t help, sorry.

Absolutely everything

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I’ve used Timpson in Dereham

I’m happy to let him buy stuff because I currently don’t know my arse from my elbow when it comes to kit.

I’ve only been playing for a couple of months so am far from having a style or a sound, quite happy to be guided at this point.

Dereham’s twenty miles away, so no can do.

Well it’s well over a hundred miles for me. Thanks for nothing.

I’ve been drumming for a few years and I’m boggled that there are different types of snare…

My kinda makes a ‘CRACK’ sort of noise which I usually like to smack on the second and fourth beats of a 4/4 bar, slave to convention that I am.

What are the differences?

You’re taking my lack of interest in gear/kit to a new level. :slight_smile:

I would describe myself as fairly unengaged by equipment. I never cared much about guitar gear so I don’t see myself getting too excited about drum stuff.

But…even I know there’s different snare sizes and types.

I’m now the proudish owner of a Mapex MPX 13x6 Snare Drum in Maple finish.

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Ah ok cool will investigate.

I am TERRIBLE at caring about kit.

I bought my electric guitar twenty three years ago when I was 17 and I’ve never changed the strings apart from piecemeal when they break. I couldn’t even tell you what make it is.

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Buy records. Buy books. Buy newspapers. Buy chocolate.

Choose life.


I fucking KNEW someone would say that. And it had to be a Scottish DiSer too!

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