Things you won't trust other people to do/get for you

Mate, he’s not actually Dave Grohl, that’s just a kind of joke we have.


A couple of fuckers at the wedding I attended on Saturday were also in on the joke. Sigh.

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Can’t trust my mum to get cereal for me when she does the big shop, pretty much never gets it right.

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Put things in the right cupboards/drawers out of the dishwasher. I mean you’d think “put them in the same place as things the same as them already are” would be straightforward but no, every time I end up finding the cheese grater in the crockery cupboard or some stupid shit.

Sometimes I find the plates not even stacked in same plate order…

Headphones. Computer components. Most tech really

Large to small, ascending. Fucksakes people.

I’m so fucking lazy I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t let anyone do for me. Can’t wait until we’re all living like those perma-reclining people in Wall-E.


Ok so I’ve decided my favourite snare sound in all of recorded music is the one on “the same deep water as you” by the cure.

What kind of snare do I need to get this sort of effect?

We reckon you need a deep steel snare, tuned low.

Righto, thanks!

I won’t trust other people to make me a nice cup of tea

(I mean I will accept them occasionally if I’m desperate but they’re nearly always wrong)


What was the design?

Wasn’t that incredibly expensive?

How come you couldn’t find the sound you wanted commercially?

And other questions…

Applying cheese / butter / condiments / etc. Capitalism has made you assume everyone subscribes to the aesthetics of maximalist excess

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If someone is making me a cup of tea I just ask for it to be black no sugar - or they’ll get it completely wrong. Go into a cafe and they make it half tea half milk. WTF is that all about?

Ironing a shirt. Not that anyone ever offers.

Yeah. Well, laundry in general actually. Remember my step mum tumbledrying the Stussy t-shirt I treated myself to with my first proper paycheque. Boil wash and tumble dry. Put it on and it was like a muscle vest. Brushed the chest and half the logo crumbled off.

The Cure always have the best drum sound/set up :+1:

Some detail on the Disintegration sound here…


What are you applying cheese to?