Things you would like people to drop



When I first started going out with my new wife she stayed over and the toilet broke. We were okish for wees until the plumber came as we slashed in the bidet (removed shortly after this incident). But I needed a shit so I went beyond the boundary of the communal garden and curled one out in the woods, Mearsstyle.

I must hear about it at least once a quarter. Drop it now. If you wanted to do something about it the time was then.


Ok, who’s going to start mentioning this episode to Balonz every quarter from now on?


Does Balonz shit in the woods?




Who mentions it? Hope its raised at the quarterly communal garden association meeting, under aob.


Maybe Ronan is still talking about it but I left there in 2007.


Childish Gambino to drop Spirits. Can’t wait till September.


Did you bury it?


And deny the flies a meal? Of course not, I’m not a monster.


The time (7 years ago?) I got really really really really really drunk at a hockey tour and was unintelligible (is that a word?). Let it go guys we’ve all been drunk before.


People seemed to stop saying that I live in a caravan (no idea where that came from) and quite frankly I am glad because it very much confused me.


I poo’d in a bucket on the beach once and my parents love to bring it up.

27 years old I was.


Would your old wife keep mentioning such an incident?


I wouldve thought you’d have wanted us to drop the £6 toast


I can live with that.


I meant now, you cheeky scamp!


I believe @fappable liked an alfresco dump on occasion. She never seemed to mind us mentioning it. I miss fapps


Gf keeps mentioning how I accidentally got drunk on our first date. Wasn’t even that drunk, more tipsy. Didn’t even do anything stupid.

I’m more offended by how bland the anecdote is than anything.


She’s a shed shitter. That is indoor shitting and inexcusable!


Bf loves to bring up how much I loved Horrible Bosses 2 and that he’s never seen me laugh so hard at a film ever.

It’s true but let it go ffs