Things you would like people to drop



Probably the most dis thing ever


it is now


Oh my TV is great for this. I will never stop bringing up:

  1. The time that she threatened to give one of my friends a ‘fisting’ on the mistaken understanding that it meant to punch someone.
  2. The time that she referred to Deepthroat Barracks during a very serious conversation with my dad.
  3. The time that she talked about going to her mam’s house for Netflix and chill, believing it to be literally just about chilling out while watching Netflix.

These are all so sweet and naïve


When I was about 10 or 11 I had to get something out of the oven. My glasses steamed up and I ran in to the living room laughing going “look, look! haha! look at my glasses” and my parents just looked at me like I was mental.

Every time one of them gets something out of the oven they do an impression of me. I am 34.


This reminds me of this guy from VPR saying #MeToo cause he thought it just mean like Girl Power :laughing:

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Oh my - I’ve not seen that before. Cringeworthingly (is that a word?) brilliant.

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I love the misjudgement, the way he says it like it’s important he gives the point his blessing


He’s such a turd :joy:


Glad this isn’t the “things you were slow to realise” thread…


i would like my boyfriend to stop reminding me, when i complain about his many extremely loud farts, that i farted in front of him before he farted in front of me. it was his fault anyway because he squeezed me. he farts so much that i have no idea how he managed to hold them all in until that point.

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Um… guys?


Ok… um… so what DOES Netflix and chill mean?

Ah, sorry, I thought you were suggesting that I’d done something wrong. The phrase has sexual connotations - essentially meaning two people getting together to, you know, not watch Netflix.

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I thought that’s what Netflix and chill meant :thinking:


Hmmm I had understood it to mean something a bit different. Maybe I’ve got it wrong. Shit, I’m not so sure any more.

In fairness, it is the fisting and deepthroat incidents that tend to get raised most often.

It is more than reciprocated too.

Edit: for the avoidance of doubt it is the piss taking that is reciprocated. Just in case the foregoing looks like utter filth.

Being honest here, before reading this thread did you think Netflix and chill meant:

  • A quiet night in front of the telly
  • Filth

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Nope, I looked it up. It does in fact mean what you think it does.

The fisting one made me chuckle

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