Things you would like people to drop

Also this thread has reminded me of the RIDICULOUS vocal work here

This has saddened me


More or less than the change I made to your profile’s ‘name’ field? :smiley:

Can you change balonz’s to ‘Curled one out in the woods’?

Had nightmares after watching the league of gentlemen (8 years old I was)

My mum thinks it’s absolutely hilarious still and it must get mentioned quarterly

He told us to drop it.

Obviously my favourite thing here is that @anon29812515 has told us all about something we never knew before that he wants forgotten and left in the past.


I’m not his wife as far I’m aware.


Fainted during the birth video of sex ed in year 6, that got mentioned a lot but was eventually dropped by the general populace when I survived a similar vid in year 8 I think it was. Only my dearest and closest friends still mention it now

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I did a big Google search just now and couldn’t find anything at all to explain it. Must have been in a deleted thread but looks to have been sometime in very late 2011 or early 2012 that it got started.

Clive keeps bringing up the time I farted - it was one of those long and loud ones - in the Oxfam book/record shop in Crouch End and everyone else in the shop stopped what they were doing “in horror”. The shame… Shut up, Clive!


My mam these days is pretty much stuck in a loop of the same anecdotes of things that happened growing up, regardless of whether or not the audience have heard the story before. These are some:

  • My older brother putting things into my clothes at Tesco and then taking them out after we’d left, making me a criminal before I could even walk.
  • My older brother being more interested in my dad putting an egg on a burger than the birth of me.
  • Me crying at cubs and wanting to go home from camping because I was homesick, four hours after having left home.
  • Me being “temporarily suspended” from cubs for setting off the fire extinguisher and squirting everyone with it.
  • Me being suspended from school for defacing a textbook (massive overreaction).
  • Me organising the sixth form party, then getting so shitfaced on Aftershock that I had to be taken home pretty much as soon as I’d arrived.
  • Mam going to Tescos for quarter of an hour then coming home to find me crying as my brother had hung some of my CDs from the washing line and was shooting them with a staple gun.
  • Mam always finding the house smelled of smoke whenever she came home because me and my brother had been setting fire to something.
  • Me never saying goodnight or telling anyone I was going to bed, even if a friend was over for tea. Only realising when said friend was like “Mrs ma0sm, where has ma0sm gone?” and then finding me in bed in my pyjamas.

and many more.


Whenever I go to my barber he says “Ehhhhhh - the Matrix!” because he thinks I look like Hugo Weaving. Fine the first few times, now I’m a bit over it. Also, just watched Patrick Melrose and Hugo Weaving is horrible in that and I started looking in the mirror and thinking “Oh shit, that’s me in 20 years”.

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These are all in chronological order, yes?


I find this one really funny and I can’t quite explain why

I think it’s both imagining the one situation and then the implication that it was a regular occurrence


If there’s one takeaway from this thread it’s that all parents should have their memories wiped at when their kids hit 18.

That and that time wonton fell in the milk. Man, he’s never going to live that down.

If the ‘Mearsstyle’ reference is in regards to Ray Mears then you have made my day.

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Does Bear Grylls shit in the woods?

He shits in a 5 star hotel

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it, like it’s hot.