Things you would like to go into (banal?)


Mum jokes encouraged.

I would like to get into chess strategy so I could go chess puzzles. Not really fussed about actually playing it.


‘go’ into?


you still have time to edit that pal


Too late, I was doing a chess puzzle in another tab.


I mean, working.



the future

space future would be ideal really


Hula Hoop dancing


Plain or BBQ?


Breakdancing. Would love to get wasted and bust out the worm in some shit pub.


Looking forward to watching you do this in sleazys :grinning::+1:


steady on


enter roundabout


Used to work with a (nerdy, white) guy who was into breakdancing. He didn’t have much of a sense of humour about it though, and refused to demonstrate it.

Until his leaving do. He got good and drunk and we finally persuaded him. He spent 90% of the time doing that sort of bouncing back and forth thing and nothing else, then went in for what I think was meant to be the worm. He over-egged it, bent his glasses on the floor and gave himself a carpet burn on his face.

He popped in a few days later and said his memory of the night was really hazy but he had a vague memory that something… embarrassing had happened? I told him nah, he’s fine, nothing memorable. Didn’t have the heart to tell him.

Obviously someone filmed it on their phone.


Is there a ‘people who’ thread knocking around? I want to register my anger for those who say “Not gonna lie” when they’re trying to be funny


I interviewed some guy who had captain of the uni breakdance society on his CV. I was expecting some weiner whereas he could have torn me limb from limb (and I’m nails as fuck!).


Probably a different guy then.


YOUR M- oh


Tickets are booked! Need to get on with hotels now




might get some crisps