Things you would pay for

I would pay £20 right now to never have to hear a Kate Tempest song again.

I love people’s faces.


£1 for a Boost and a Wispa Gold


I would pay £1.10 for 4 pints of semi skimmed.

hows that robot vacuum cleaner going?

CBA hovering RN. would I pay £200 for a robot to do it for me forever…?

Yeah, combined. Could pay £5 for two pizzas and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s while I’m there.

Would pay at least a grand for someone to sort out my dodgy back

oof TV is out tonight… would be the perfect night in. :thinking:

£1 for an almond croissant

that intro is never not funny tbf


He has a name: Sir Sweepington.

Love him. About 90% of the result of doing it yourself for about 2% of the effort.

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how much crap do you have on the floor? can Sir manage over rugs… round tables etc?

I’d pay a few bob to get this elbow pain sorted without the hassle of going to the doctors.

It’s just a second
Seventeen seconds away
From Kate Tempest: Renegade
I’ll be waiting

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Yeah, that I can watch but we have 6Music on all day at work (fuck off anti-radio grundies) so I hear Faces maybe four times a day.

would quite like a coffee

£2 - £3

I’d pay £30 for a million pounds right now.


I’m so hungry.

Get foraging

A car

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