Things you would pay for

Got a couple of rugs of different thickness and a table with four chairs. Usually pull one chair out so he doesn’t do an Austin Powers reversing under the table but that’s it.

No trailing wires/yarn or he’ll get tangled in them and I need to block off the bottom of the TV stand or he fucking mounts it and goes berserk on the Switch games and controllers but that’s it.

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A mere £1.35 for a subsidised Flat What in our work canteen

any good?

I’d pay someone £50 to do the rest of my work for me today

Reckon I’d pay to sneeze on demand. 50p per sneeze, maybe £2 for a fit of 5.

Depends who serves you. There’s an Italian guy who makes a good coffee, but anyone else is hit and miss.

you mean like you feel a sneeze coming and you pay for it to happen or you just want to be able to sneeze at random

Like this guy?

Sneeze at random (although I would consider paying 20p to guarantee an imminent sneeze completed successfully).

Just download one