Things you'd get involved in but they're too far gone


Nectar/Boots cards. should have got one years ago but the amount of points I’ll have missed by now just means I can’t really be bothered registering now

Scandi noir dramas. Just too many out there really. Started watching The Killing but at an hour an episode I’m only slowing getting through. Too much out there.


Not too late to try some food from a can though, mate


Game of Thrones


GoT- just too many episodes of it and as well I’d I started watching it everyone would want to talk about it all the time.

Ffs pipped to the post


The Fall


This with boots/superdrug/any loyalty card.
I’ve pissed away way too many points already that it makes no sense to start now and I will just be full of anger at the missed out points.


I’d quite like to get into watching (N.B. not playing) competitive Magic: The Gathering, but there’s a huge knowledge barrier to getting into it and I cba.


went through a period (early 20s?) of thinking riding a skateboard looked fun but knowing I was far too old to start learning to ride one. now i’m far too old to even ride one if I could, so it’s fine.


The Labour Party


I bought one aged 28. By that time I was far too aware how much it hurts to fall off and as a consequence could only manage the most basic manoeuvres.


This but with a snowboard


95% of popular culture


I imagine snow is a little softer than concrete but I bet ice hurts.


Instagram. I already have ways of feeling inferior thanks


i’m still clinging on to this dream


quite a few threads on here


Yeah once any of the politics threads hits a few hundred posts I get out


Listening to The Fall
Watching any of Parks & Rec, Always Sunny, US Office or Community
Numerous Manga series
Film discussion threads on DiS


It’s inevitably devolved into the same three people talking about Corbyn by that point anyway.


Yeah but when every time you make a turn you end up thinking ‘if I break an arm I’m not going to be able to drive to work or type at a keyboard’ it really does stop being fun. And then the tiny little French ski school kids whizz by you laughing while you’re sat on your ass.

I sucked at snowboarding.