Things you'd like but they are too expensive/hard to get hold of

Annoyingly this travel pillow is not sold in Australia (it’s the Trtl Travel Pillow Plus)

Look at it: what a perfect design, just keep your head upright while you sleep. Those round-the-neck jobs are total balls, aren’t they? This is what I’ve dreamed of.

I mean I can order it to Australia but it’ll take weeks and cost loads extra…and it’s already stupid money (like $104AUD and I think it’s another $22 postage).

Anyway, let’s hear about the stuff out there you want but you aren’t going to have.

EDIT: There are other similar designs but none that look quite as good in terms of support/size…and in any case it seems like they’re all either dodgy Wish-type affairs from China that I know from experience won’t arrive for months or also in the US with huge postage times/costs.


They could improve this design further by putting a velcro patch on the side and making a second pillow that you attach that goes over your shoulder for your partner to rest their head against. I reckon @GentleGiant would really appreciate this extra innovation as I bet they complain about their partner’s bony shoulder as much as my partner does about mine.


These shoes! But they aren’t available in the uk. They’re so beautiful, i would have got them for my birthday next month but buying from abroad with a third party service is too expensive and not worth it. They’re so beautiful though :sob:


Oh yes, very nice. I like that frill to the top.

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All those records on the V2 imprint (e.g. The Sophtware Slump) that are super rare because of the lack of a reissue


Spotted that the Pixies are playing here next month. £55 a ticket! £55!!!

Theo i was just thinking of this pillow yesterday! Couldn’t remmeber what it was called, thank you.

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Also ahem

You know I thought there was probably a thread already but I reckoned it was probably old enough that it wouldn’t matter and I couldn’t think what to search for.


I shall continue to log my entire etsy wishlist in the other thread but i wish you well in this endeavour


This looks lovely and soft and sounds very environmentally sound

it’s also $285.

I’ve had one of these (exact brand, not a copy) and it didn’t work and was very uncomfortable.

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Brilliant OP


The standard or the plus? I only ask because the plus brings in adjustable sizing which the reviewers all rate.

I dunno, I can’t see that making loads of difference though. It was just a hard piece of plastic wrapped in blanket material.

No neck pillow on a plane is ever comfortable so wouldn’t waste the money.

I use a rectangular kids travel one now which I bought in Singapore years ago and it’s always worked miles better than any neck wrap around.


I’m constantly tempted by an Oodie. My friend has one and swears by it. All the designs are hideous though, and it’s like £50 quid for a bit of fleece.

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My daughter has one and so has her cousin.

Embrace the design and you too could be incredibly toastie

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You’re luckier than me then. I have no way of using a normal pillow on a plane as never anywhere to rest it.

The headrests often don’t raise quite enough for me so even when I fold in the wings it doesn’t help much.

What I need is a rigid neckbrace type thing to keep me ftom losing it.

Bought one for Mrs HYG (it has quokkas on it) and she’s a big fan. I may have been known to borrow occasionally