Things you'd like to know

What type of bean is a baked bean?

Isn’t it like mostly haricot


I’ve definitely stood in supermarkets trying to gauge what beans they’ve baked.

Thanks! Now I mostly know the answer to that one. Feel free to ask your own question here

There’s a guy on escape to the chateau. big bushy moustache (more4 right now). is he on all sorts of shows or just this one? is he also a fisherman’s friend? Don’t get this show. he’s the presenter but also a ‘contestant’.

If you kicked your shoe into the sun would that be noteworthy?

Dick Strawbridge is on loads of stuff, usually anything to do with bridges or steam engines or that sort of thing. I think he’s the expert helper on Escape to the Chateau DIY.


Cannelini I think

No but he can stand up straighty!



And no its haricot sorry

I was convinced he’d died a couple of years ago, then I saw him appear on a C4 advert on Sunday which threw my brain into a complete fit.

Didn’t he start off as a team captain on Scrapheap Challenge? He’s the new Fred Dibnah

Dick Straw Bridge